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The other day, went to the Sumida River Fireworks Festival.

Was able to is meritorious in the company gave me book houseboat was over six months ago, I belong Department of almost all of that.

Was first houseboat, so a little excitement.

Secures more thought is surprising.

So it is given or Tempura on the ship’s it.

Fireworks appreciation of the open window.

This is pretty good.

Then yukata of the daughters of the woman in the River was good as well.

This is the japanese girls.

And cum is good Hey PANI kimono.

Also like to go again next year.

I boasted of Sapporo Susukino del hell Miss thing.

As usual, premature ejaculation feeling why soon after playing for talk time.

Want to go another round and braced himself, time was half-way… and it is not a high.

And hear this Sumida River Fireworks Festival Memorial and started praying to evil disease, seems to be.

Time that Abarenbo Shogun, Edo ( Oh, it’s TV show. Young children do not know maybe ) of apparently took place during the eighth Shogun yoshimune.

Edo was considerably more people die in cholera and fire.

Seems to be made for the Fireworks heal the hearts of those people.

Make me feel strange, looking up at the sky and certainly the emotional fireworks or something.